Casino Quality

Genuine Casino Quality Paper Stock! Not a Cheap Imitation

Upload your Custom Images

All types of applications support jpg files. Create your own custom art and save it as a jpg or jpeg image in RGB mode and you will be able to upload it into our builder and make your cards. Optimum resolution is 300 dpi @ 2"x 3" (600 x 900 pixels), Although the results with 72 dpi are very good except when type is used as part of the file, use the builder to add your text.
FREE PHOTO FIX: Send to Fix My Photo and we will convert any file type so that you
can upload it into our builder. Just attach your photo to the above link.
Quality Control
Our QC department will notify you of any issues prior to printing. If we don't like it, we won't print it!
We'll print anything: Almost!
Any image not considered illegal, or copywrited.

You have logged in and saved your card

You will have immediately received a link from us confirming that your custom cards have been saved. If you click the link, your custom card design will automatically be rebuilt before your eyes. This will enable you to update or change it prior to ordering. We will retain your design for 5 days from the first time you saved it and each time you make changes your card will be updated and overwritten. Be sure to order before the 5 days is over!

Shipping & and Delivery

Most orders are shipped within 5-7 days. Rush service is available, Credit Card Phone orders only. Call or e-mail for information. 1-888-423-6244

All U.S. orders are shipped USPS first class. International orders please e-mail for additional shipping charges. Large orders may be shipped UPS.